Two days ago, I heard an interesting sharing from about an experience of someone that had reverted to Islam several years ago (sorry, cannot remember his name). This kind of sharing is one of my favorite topics. I’m so keen and eager to hear the experience of reverts. Why?  Because these special people worked their way up to find the truth. Their searched made them received Allah’s hidayah.

These people always have some good qualities to be learnt. They inspire me. I mean, it’s so hard for ourselves to demolish one bad habit. Thus, changing the ways of our life by applying new rules must be quite ‘challenging’. It can only be done by a person with strong will, by a person with strong faith. For people who did it because of Allah and found out the truth, this change would be a special spiritual journey…and the change is something so welcoming to them. This spiritual journey must had been the most precious moment of their lives as the change gives indescribable tranquility. It had answered all the questions in life….

Back to the sharing, this brother shared about a lot of things and I was quite awed hearing his experiences. I’ll extract one piece of what he shared. He was born in a family that had strong faith in his previous religion. He described that he was so in love with his ‘god’. If he could give comparison, it was a love relationship like ‘romeo-juliet’ but more than that. At a tender young age, he already had the aim to hold the highest religious rank. He succeeded making his way up as one of the most respectable leaders of his religion. Then one day, he read in one of his holy book that God is Almighty. This was the starting point that made him question about his religion. He wondered that if God is the Almighty, then why did his ‘god’ with superb powers also had families, faces problems like him and also had difficulties. So because his religion had so many gods, he wanted to find the Almighty God that was stated in his holy book so he could worship that ‘god’…he traveled around the world  to search for the Almighty God but did not find that ‘god’ in his religion. There was no ‘god’ from the hundreds of ‘gods’ in his religion that fitted the Almighty character. Eventually, it took 8 years for him to learn that the Almighty God was Allah…

And then he continued to share …one day, he was at a mosque parking lot and saw a man approaching several people around him. From far, he could see that no one the man approached seem willing to help him. At last, that man came to him to ask for his help. And you know what help this man wanted? It’s so simple. He just wanted a witness to follow him into the mosques to witness him say the syahadaitain! This man wanted to be a muslim and the muslims around him just turned him down!!! I feel so ashamed hearing this and it moved me to tears. Even though I probably would happily be a witness if I had been approached, but do my other characters makes me fall in the same group? The so called muslim group that cannot show good example of my pure religion?

There was one point he emphasized that I take it as an important message to muslims everywhere. He had a special good muslim friend. This muslim friend was so special to him, but even at that stage of relationship, that  muslim friend never introduced him properly to Islam on in other words, invite him to see the truth.   I’ve heared  this message so many times from reverts. I will always remember a quote from one revert, “ don’t you muslim pity us if we die without knowing the truth”.

Now, I  want to share this video with you all…let us open our eyes and let us bring others to open their eyes too…