People are asking about my new year resolution. I tell them that I’ve got none. Anyway, I’ve got a bad habit of not accomplishing the list of accomplishments that I’ve planned 😦  I somehow quickly forget about it as soon as I nicely write it in a special note…

I’ve learnt to immediately execute a good nawaitu once it occurs in the mind. So now, I don’t have a specific list of what I’m going to accomplish this year….this 1431. 

One thing I’m clearly sure is that I have to be a better a servant  than before. I want to be a better Muslim. Replace the mazmumah with mahmudah. Reduce the errors. A resolution written so simple but yet hard to accomplish especially when the obstacles hits you to the edge 😦

I have this ‘something’ in my mind. I hope for it secretly  but I’ve got to prepare myself carefully for it if I wish to be invited to feel it.  Sorry, can’t share it with anyone. This something is just between ‘me and Allah’….

I pray for all of us to be given the strength to be able always walk through time in the best way…the way that has been guided by Allah. 

Allah says: “Allah will not change the fate of a people until they change their own fate.” (Ar-Ra’du:11).