Last weekend, I had a cooking session with my good friends in Miri.  The sous-chef de cuisine was Miss Adilah and the kitchen assistants were Rubi and myself. (tapi Rubi yang byk potong2 basuh….hihi I just moved around from one corner to another).

And guess what we cook??

 It is a SUSHI!!  ( tak cook pon, except for the rice..pakai rice cooker;P)

* Resepi ini saya tulis khas untuk kawan2 peminat sushi. kan sushi mahal, bila buat sendiri bolehlah berjimat dan boleh letakkan apa2 perasa yang kita suka. so Min, lepas ni buat sendiri eh? =) Saya tak lah suka sushi pon, tapi suke je nak blaja benda baru. Kira value added laa kan..*

1) Firstly, prepare the ingredients;

(1)   sushi rice ( wow, this is expensive! we bought 2 kg for rm20.50…huhu)

(2)   seaweed sheet

(3)   sushi bamboo

(4)   vinegar

(5)   Filling: crab stick, tuna, carrot, cucumber (up to your choices and preferences)

the ingredients

2) Secondly, cook the rice. After it is cooked, pour some vinegar into the rice and mix them well. The sushi rice would be thick and sticky.


3) Cut/chop the carrot, cucumber and crab meat into small slices of stick type.

prepared ingredients

4) Take the seaweed sheet and lay it on top of the bamboo stick


5) Scoop some rice and spread it all over the sheet nicely. Make sure it is just a thin layer.


6) Place all the ingredients you have chopped before on top of the rice layer. Arrange them properly and not too much as you have to make it into a roll later.


7) Roll the seaweed with filling by using the bamboo stick and cut it into small pieces