Saya belum ada apa2x ‘penulisan’ yang siap lagi. Tapi tiba-tiba datang rasa bersemangat untuk antar posting bila baca ‘janji’ ila…uhubuki fillah ;).  Jadi, saya ingin berkongsi dulu poem yang ditulis beberapa tahun dulu. Takpe ye ila. Tengok la lagi walaupun dah pernah baca.

Sister…lets do it TOGETHER


Share with me sister

Reach out your hand

Hold on to me

So I can grip tight on you


Let me be there for you

Lifting the weights on your shoulders

Lending the ear to hear

Giving the smiles of cheer


Let me be there in your heart

Feeling your topsy-turvy

Sharing the drop of tears


Let me go through inside

So the truth will be reached

Standing up for you


Let me be there building up together

Being a strong muslimah

Being His true servant


Allah is with us sister

He didn’t promise an easy life

But He did promise

He will always be there

For those who believe

For those who are patient



Hold hands together

Wash the sins by reminding each other

Help each other to the straight path

Let the grip be tight


May the bond we share

Is because our Love for Allah

Grows together  for Allah

May all for Allah

The Creator of you and me


Written to you,


Your sister in need and for needs,


Lets be together